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Selling your home is an exciting time. Of course, it can be a stressful time too. Many people want to make sure that they are selling their homes quickly. They want to guarantee that they are not languishing in the estate agents window for too long. So, when it comes... Read More

Many modern mirror applications whether around the home or in public spaces make use of safety backing film. Practically this means if a mirror should receive any kind of impact the film backing will keep the mirror face intact and prevent dangerous shards from potentially causing injury.Safety backing film is... Read More

It's like waiting for a bus, you wait for ages then 2 come along...We wrote last month about Frontline Bathrooms introducing an MP3 playing Bathroom Mirror. Well not to be outdone UK manufacturer Ultra Finishing have also got in on the act with 2 new fabulous products. The first is... Read More

Over at BMUK we're really excited about a range of new bathroom mirrors with built in MP3 players. Listen to your favourite tunes while enjoying a bath or taking a quick shower. Basically you can plug in a USB device or memory card containing MP3 formatted files. The touch controls... Read More

┬áMany manufacturers don't include fitting instructions for bathroom products. This is mainly because products that require plumbing in or electrical installation within the bathroom are according to Part P of the building regulations required to be fitted by a competent person. Competency, in this case, will mean a full, qualified... Read More

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