It's like waiting for a bus, you wait for ages then 2 come along...We wrote last month about Frontline Bathrooms introducing an MP3 playing Bathroom Mirror. Well not to be outdone UK manufacturer Ultra Finishing have also got in on the act with 2 new fabulous products.

The first is the Hudson Reed Corona a Bluetooth enabled bathroom mirror in portrait format measuring 600mm wide by 800mm in height. This product might have a feature list as long as your arm but that doesn't mean to say it has to shout about it. The understated looks should be admired as it will find a place in a much wider range of homes. Ok so it's not quite audiophile standard but perfectly acceptable for listening to for an hour or so, perhaps you want a long soak or need waking up for work. Simply walking into the room with a Bluetooth enabled device such as your mobile phone will see the Corona taking over on audio duties and it does much more besides including demisting the glass.

The second product is the Ultra Finishing Portal which has a built in USB port. This product has a little more bling since the mechanism for controlling audio are the touch controls on the bottom LH side of the mirror face. You can go forward and back between tracks and skip through the current song, a digital reading also displays the current time, very handy indeed. The unit will accept a wide range of USB devices with pre-written mp3 files or similiar. Like the Corona the Portal also has concealed speakers, again this shouldn't be confused with real HiFi but we're sure you'll appreciate the multi-functional qualities of the Portal. Backlit lighting and a lower glass shelf (Not shown) give the product functional advantages.

We more than welcome the technology starting to creep into UK designed mirrors, for a while we've definitely played second fiddle to some of the excellent Japanese designs.