Features & Benefits of a Modern Bathroom Mirror

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Bathroom mirrors have come a long way in the last 10 years with many shapes, sizes and styles now available to suit everyone's home and budget. Gone are the days when a bathroom mirror was merely used for a cursory glance before leaving for work, modern mirrors can now incorporate lighting, cabinets, demist functions, shelving, shaver sockets, clocks and even motion sensors.

Demisting Function

Isn't it annoying when you get out of the bath or shower and the mirror is heavy with condensation from steam? Invariably you end up wiping it clear with a towel or flannel only for it to mist over within minutes. To solve this problem many modern mirrors now incorporate demister pads that provide gentle warming to the mirror surface preventing condensation from building up. In most models this function is permanently on but they use low energy technology to keep running costs to a minimum.

Shaver Sockets

These days many of us use electric shavers and tooth brushes and unless you have a 2 pin socket already wired into your bathroom this can mean plugging in or charging elsewhere around the home. A bathroom mirror can be a complete multifunction device incorporating a handy shaver socket. These are generally located on the bottom right hand side of the unit and are safe to use having been approved by stringent British Safety Standards.

Motion Sensors

The fact is the bathroom is an environment that you're going to get wet in so the last thing you want to do is to handle electrical items via switches and sockets. Many bathroom mirrors including those from Phoenix now incorporate reliable motion sensors that switch the unit on when you're in the vicinity. They also automatically switch off after a period of time has elapsed without movement. The sensors are discreetly built into the front or side of the unit and also add to the energy saving credentials of the unit, since the light can't be left on by mistake.

LED Lighting

More and more bathroom mirrors incorporate some kind of illumination. This might be back-lit lighting from a traditional filament bulb or more common now are LED lights or strips. One of the benefits of LED lighting is that they use much lower voltages and thus use less electricity meaning they are cheaper to run. Lower voltages also mean improved safety within a bathroom environment.


A few mirrors on the market now incorporate a clock or temperature function. Think about it, half the time when you're using a bathroom mirror you're getting ready to go somewhere and invariably time is precious. What could be better than a discreet digital display to let you know the time.

There are numerous other exciting functions coming the way of the humble bathroom mirror that will make all of our lives easier. These include weight functions that can help you plan a diet, we'll keep you posted!

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