How We Package Our Bathroom Mirrors For Delivery

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We fully appreciate that buying a fragile item such as a bathroom mirror or cabinet online might be daunting. How long will delivery take? Will it arrive in one piece? What happens if it's damaged? With this in mind we hope to alleviate a few fears about the process and discuss the steps we take to avoid the pitfalls.

Standard Phoenix mirror packaging

The Manufacturers Mirror Packaging

In comparison to other bathroom products manufacturers already take extra steps to protect the product. Both Phoenix and Hudson Reed for example use glass corner protectors, foam side inserts and double cardboard outer packaging to protect their bathroom mirrors and cabinets.

Inner mirror packaging opened   Packaging opened revealing mirror

When BMUK purchase mirrors from our suppliers we check that the packaging is in good condition and reject any samples that appear to have received any kind of impact. Furthermore we open the package and confirm that the main glass face is intact with no cracks or chips and that corner protectors are in place. We then sign the internal packaging to show that this check has taken place. The mirror is then firmly taped back up with our own fragile tape. But the story doesn't end there...

Mirror checked and packaging signed   Package resealed with fragile tape

Additional Protective Packaging

At BMUK we see it as our duty to supply products to our customers in one piece. We also want to instill a confidence upon receipt of the product that every care has been taken to supply it undamaged. To this end we add our own additional packaging around the manufacturers boxed product in this instance we've added additional packaging to one of the ever popular Phoenix bathroom mirrors. This includes an additional 2 layers of 3mm corrugated cardboard in order to reduce the chance of damage from sharp implements. On top of this we then add 3 outer layers of extra large bubble wrap, while we don't expect the package to have to bounce this does protect it from the inevitable bumps, drops and shocks while in transit with couriers.

The mirror gets wrapped with cardboard   The package is then wrapped with bubble wrap

24 Hour Courier Delivery

The fact is the longer an item is in transit the more likely it is to get lost or damaged. BMUK send out all mirrors and cabinets except those sent by palletised delivery by 24 hour courier such as UPS or TNT. Furthermore before we ship any product we will arrange with the customer a convenient date for delivery, typical turnaround for the delivery process is 2-4 working days. Products are never sent out on Fridays over the weekend as this would mean an item could potentially be in transit for 3 days, Fri to Mon, increasing the risk of damage.

The mirror packaged and ready for delivery 

What If My Mirror Is Damaged?

Despite all of the steps we take, inevitably 1 or 2 items from the hundreds of mirrors we send out will get damaged. If on delivery you suspect the item is damaged we ask that you sign the couriers tracking terminal as 'Damaged'. This gives us the opportunity to investigate with the courier what has gone wrong. In all other cases upon receipt of your mirror we ask that you carefully unpackage it and report any damages to BMUK in writing within 7 days. When unpacking do so carefully and retain the protective packaging in case there is a need to return the item.

The fact is couriers will not provide insurance for glass products in transit so any loss is that of BMUK's. Needless to say our customers are never out of pocket and once we have received proof of damage a replacement product will be supplied if the item cannot be repaired.

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