Phoenix Whirlpools Introduce New Bathroom Mirror Fitting Instructions

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 Many manufacturers don't include fitting instructions for bathroom products. This is mainly because products that require plumbing in or electrical installation within the bathroom are according to Part P of the building regulations required to be fitted by a competent person. Competency, in this case, will mean a full, qualified knowledge of electrical installations. Not including instructions can deter a would be amateur DIY-er from causing a catastrophe or injuring themselves or others. However this also hinders the professional and means fitting takes longer this ultimately hits the homeowner in the pocket!

So in respect of bathroom mirrors here at BMUK we are pleased to hear that Phoenix Whirlpools now include a simple fitting instruction leaflet in their packaging. From our point of view this will save us numerous phone calls from customers thinking the instructions are missing...and then filling them in on the law. From a customer perspective they will have something to hand to their respective fitter making the job quicker and cheaper.

The instruction sheet also clearly shows the recent bathroom zones update and safe distances from water sources. Furthermore the replacement fluorescent tubes required for the MI006, MI007 and MI008 are listed. See the leaflet below which we will also be adding as a PDF to product pages in due course.

Phoenix mirror fitting instructions

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