When fitting an electrical product in the bathroom it is vital to understand safety zones. Products such as mirrors, extractor fans and whirlpool baths are given a safety rating and this rating governs which zone it is safe to install them in. Zones basically help to classify the likelihood for exposure to water and the risk of electric shock. Bathrooms are divided into 3 Zones, 0, 1 and 2 and can be classified as follows;

  • ZONE 0 - The interior of the bath or shower that can hold water.
  • ZONE 1 - This is the area above Zone 0 up to a height of 2.25m above the floor. This would include the walls at the side of your bath or within your shower enclosure.
  • ZONE 2 - This is the area above Zone 1 up to a height of 3m and the area horizontally within 0.6m from Zone 1

The diagram below demonstrates the zonal concept with an example of where a bathroom mirror could be installed.

Bathroom electrical safety zones diagram

All bathroom mirrors and cabinets with electrical features sold by BMUK are IPX4 Splash Proof rated and suitable for fitting within Zone 2. For your complete safety we also recommend products are installed by a Part P registered electrician.

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