How to Use Bathroom Vanity Mirrors to Make the Room Feel Larger (And 4 Other Tips)

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Most people dream of having a spacious and luxurious bathroom. But few of us ever get to experience owning one for ourselves.

Powder rooms and guest bathrooms can feel quaint and cosy. Yet, tiny master bathrooms can feel uncomfortable, suffocating, and downright inconvenient.

Unless you can afford to add square footage to it, your bathroom will always feel too small. Luckily, there are cost-effective tricks you can do to transform your bathroom and make it feel larger than it really is.

In this article, we'll explain how you can incorporate bathroom vanity mirrors even in the smallest of bathrooms. We'll also delve into 7 other tips to make your bathroom look and feel larger.

Let's get started!

Install a Floating Vanity

A bathroom vanity offers space to store your toilet paper, cleaning products, and so much more. Plus, vanities come with plenty of counter space.

But when you have a tiny bathroom, a floating vanity may be your only option.

A floating vanity gets mounted to the wall so you have more floor space to work with. Then, there should be extra space between the sink and the floor.

Even just a little bit of extra foot space can make your bathroom feel larger!

Solutions for Storage Space

Some sets come with sink vessels that offer drawers or shelves. Other sets may only include the sink and bathroom mirror. If there is extra wall space around the sink, you may be able to install floating shelves in close proximity.

Less is ultimately more. If you don't need the storage space, a smaller vanity will create more negative space. This will make your bathroom seem bigger as a result.

Your bathroom may be large enough for a full-size vanity. But you also don't want to cramp up your bathroom by installing the biggest one.

Next, we'll explore some ways you can make your small bathroom feel larger. That way, you can fit in the biggest vanity possible.

1. Experiment with a Large Mirror

A large bathroom mirror can create the illusion that the room is twice its actual size. If space around your sink isn't much of an issue, consider installing a wall-to-wall mirror above the sink.

Big mirrors will reflect both the natural and artificial light in the room. This will make the entire room seem more spacious.

Consider installing a wall-to-wall mirror for an eye-popping touch. You can also choose a bathroom mirror with a decorative frame that won't cover up the entire wall.

Installing a large mirror is a good solution regardless if it's for a tiny powder room or a small master bathroom. However, there are other ways you can make your bathroom feel large enough for an entire vanity. We'll explore those other options next.

2. Incorporate Lots of White

You may love the deep red or navy blue you painted your bathroom with. But did you know that dark colours can make any room feel cramped and smaller than it really is?

If your bathroom makes you feel claustrophobic, it's time to open it up with lots of white! Because white has no hue, it reflects more light, which can make space seem bigger.

Most bathrooms already incorporate white because of the sink, toilet, and shower. So, consider repainting your walls white first. They'll not only accentuate your white fixtures but make the wall space seem more expansive.

If your bathroom still feels small, install white tiles to expand the floor space.

How to Add More Personality to a White Bathroom

People can get turned off by the thought of having an all-white room. But lots of white doesn't mean that a room has to lack personality, either. You can experiment with any of the following colours:

  • Soft grey
  • Faint, off-white hues
  • Beige
  • Eggshell or satin finishes

To make the entire bathroom seem taller, paint the ceiling white. Make sure the walls and trimmings are the same colour, as well. You can also install light-coloured wallpaper with airy designs and plenty of white.

To add more character to your bathroom, you can decorate it with coloured towels and area rugs. You can also break up the white by installing a vanity with a metallic or hardwood finish.

3. Change the Lighting

Most bathrooms have one or two windows at the most. If you're fortunate enough to have windows, take advantage of them. Instead of bulky blinds, try transparent curtains or a privacy screen.

Unfortunately, many bathrooms have no windows, making it impossible to use natural light. You may be able to install skylights. But if you want to keep things simple, try installing recessed lights in the ceiling.

You can also install directional lighting to avoid creating dark reflections and shadows. If your bathroom is large enough, a decorative lamp can give you a little more light in a stylish fashion.

4. Eliminate Visual Obstructions & Small Accessories

The little things that you decorate your bathroom with are taking up more space than you realize.

It's okay to want to decorate your bathroom. But you should keep decorations to a minimum.

Use only one area rug for near the shower or toilet. Cut down on excessive wall hangings and only keep up one painting. Focus on showcasing one decorative piece. Eliminate small ones that take up space in many areas of the bathroom.

When it comes to towels, only keep what's necessary around. That's usually a hand drying towel and 1-2 towels for the shower. You may have a hanger on your door for towels, but this too can make the room feel more cluttered.

If you have a frosted glass shower door, consider replacing it with clear glass. You could even remove the door altogether and install a shower curtain and rod. That way, you can pull the curtain all the way back and open up space altogether.

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors for the Smallest of Bathrooms

A tiny bathroom is frustrating and inconvenient for any homeowner. But luckily, it's easy to make a small bathroom seem larger than it actually is.

Once you renovate your bathroom, what will you do to take advantage of the extra space? Are you in the market for bathroom vanity mirrors?

If so, check out our selection of mirrors, cabinets, and other bathroom fixtures!



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