Hudson Reed Corona Bluetooth Enabled Bathroom Mirror

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Yes you did hear correctly... A mirror with Bluetooth audio connection for playing your music whilst, shaving, showering or bathing. We're surprised it hasn't been done sooner since we all love to listen to music in the bathroom. This product gets around the sticky problem of electrical products in proximity to water.

So you get back from work and decide to run a bath. As you walk into the bathroom the lighting is invoked via the motion sensor and the surface of the glass begins to heat so that steam from the hot tap never gets chance to form condensation on the glass surface. The Bluetooth enabled mobile phone in your pocket is picked up by the mirror and with your song selected the music plays from the concealed stereo speakers. Truly a multi-functional device in operation.

Products like this won't change the world but do serve to make our lives a little more comfortable. The portrait format is plenty big enough to reflect your face and upper torso and the light spills from the side to make shaving or applying makeup a breeze. Everyone will love the Hudson Reed Corona.


  • (H)800 x (W)600 x (D)85mm
  • Bluetooth connection for playing music
  • Built in stereo speakers
  • Demisting pad for a steam free glass face
  • Motion sensor activated
  • 2 vertical strips of LED lighting - 15 either side
  • IPX4 Splash proof suitable for fitting in Zone 2
  • 5mm film backed mirror glass
  • Portrait / Vertical mounting only
  • Manufacturers code LQ060
  • Manufacturers 12 month guarantee